ExperiensS is a design & engineering studio for Digital Arts & real-time interaction based in Paris, FR.

ExperiensS was founded by artist and engineer Thomas Bouaziz (TremensS) in 2006.

ExperiensS designs interactive and real-time installations for contemporary art, stage, performances, exhibitions, and creates innovative software and hardware tools for Digital Arts and Human-Machine Interaction.

# stage design, show design, lighting design, interaction design, sound design, art direction

# software engineering > real-time programming, generative visuals, lighting/show control

# hardware engineering > electronic design & production, sensors, controllers, lighting, audio, MIDI/OSC/DMX/wireless interfaces

# mechanical engineering > sculpture & set design, production, actuators/robotics/machinery

Christine + ExperiensS Live 2015
stage/light design, software/hardware engineering
Video/light augmented ramp for Nike SB @ Be Street Weeknd 2014, Paris (FR)
video/light design, software/hardware engineering
(photo: Shu Pan)
Be Street Weeknd 2014, Paris (FR)
stage design / light design (w. Franz & Fritz)
TremensS: ArMen, Nuit Blanche 2014, Pavillon des Indes de Courbevoie (FR)
Kavinsky, Outrun Live 2013/2014
stage/light design, software/hardware engineering
(photo: Thomas Bouaziz / Berzerker)
Naive New Beaters, La Onda tour 2013
stage/light design, software/hardware engineering
(photo: Ben Lorph)
TremensS: ultimarium, La CLEF Saint-Germain-en-Laye (FR), 2012
software/hardware engineering
Dysfunctional by Choice + ExperiensS Live 2012/2013
stage/light design, software/hardware engineering
Missill, Pixill tour 2012
software/hardware engineering
VggA: Video Graffiti for Graffiti Artists (since 2011)
software/hardware engineering
ATLAS Ballet, Marc Johnson, Beaux Arts de Paris, November 2011
light design, software/hardware engineering
Etienne de Crécy, Beats'n'Cubes tour 2011/2013
software/hardware engineering
the Dillinger Escape Plan, European tour 2011
light design, software/hardware engineering
the Dillinger Escape Plan, US tour 2011/2012
light design, software/hardware engineering
M4GM4, Vivacité 2010, Sotteville-les-Rouen (FR)
design, software/hardware engineering
10 year anniversary of the Abode of Chaos, 2009, Lyon (FR)
design, software/hardware engineering
niform, Samuel Bianchini, 2007
software engineering
[References | artists]

Kavinsky (electro, FR)
Christine (electro, FR)
Naive New Beaters (electro, FR)
The Dillinger Escape Plan (mathcore, USA)
Justice (electro, FR)
Etienne de Crécy (electro, FR)
Breakbot (electro, FR)
Dysfunctional by Choice (rock, FR)
Nosfell (alternative/rock, FR)
Sporto Kantes (electro, FR)
IAM (rap, FR)
Yelle (electro, FR)
DJ Missill (electro, FR)
TremensS (plastician, FR)
ORLAN (plastician, FR)
Arik Levy (designer, FR)
Samuel Bianchini (plastician, FR)
Sinan Bokesoy (composer/sound designer, TK)
Thierry Coduys (composer/sound designer, FR)
Thierry Ehrmann (plastician, FR)
Pascal Dusapin (composer, FR)
Jean-Jacky Goldberg (director, FR)
Marc Johnson (plastician, FR)
Milène Guermont (plastician, FR)

[References | brands]

Nike SB
Lancôme NY

[References | agencies]

Be Street
Your Tailor is a Punk!
Interactive Territory
Pleine Lune
Evolve interactive devices

[References | military]

Armée de Terre (French Ground Army)

[References | museums & galleries]

Musée du Louvre / Centre de Recherche et de Restauration des Musées de France
Musée National d'Archéologie / Domaine National de Saint-Germain-en-Laye
the Abode of Chaos
Organ museum

[References | touring & production]

Savoir Faire
Le Troisième Pôle
Théâtre Paris Villette
Universal Music

[References | art companies]

La kitchen
Groupe F
Sonic Disorder
Les Plastiqueurs

[References | schools & universities]

Ecole Centrale d'Electronique
Université Paris 8
Université Reims-Champagne-Ardennes


Party Smasher Inc.
ECE Paris